Customer Spotlight: All Seasons Sports

Shawn Lynch figures that All Seasons Sports, a family-owned recreational gear and equipment business in Delano, is a throw-back to a full-service sporting goods store. “We offer a bit of everything to everyone,” he said. “We sell and work on the best products in their category.”

Shawn’s parents founded the company in 1990, and at the early age of 15, Shawn was working at various jobs in the store. He did anything that needed doing, and after graduating from high school he even worked his way through college working part-time at the store. In 1995 he graduated from Pine Technical College with a degree in Gunsmithing.

“It still feels like my parents’ business,” Shawn admits, “even though my wife and I purchased it in January of 2019. My wife has a job at Randy’s Sanitation here in Delano, but she helps out with the books here. And my dad gives input whenever it’s needed. My mom, too, helps with the books, so it remains a true family business.”

All Seasons Sports truly has something for everyone. The sporting goods lines include what Shawn considers “best of breed” products. “We offer great recreational gear and equipment for the entire family” is the store’s website tagline. The store advertises the following product lines: archery, athletics, biking, custom apparel, fishing, hunting, hockey, bicycles, and much more.

“My background in college was gunsmithing, and I have a great associate who helps with the gun work we provide,” Shawn said. “While that was my initial passion, we’ve grown so much that it is one of many roles in the business now.

“Our customers come from all over; we did business recently with a customer in California,” explained Shawn. “However, most of our business is geographically centralized within a 30-40 mile radius of Delano.”

Shawn takes pride in acknowledging that All Seasons’ service helps distinguish it from the competition. “It’s one thing to get a prospective customer in the door, but our service keeps them coming back. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t offer exceptional customer service.”

You might think that the proximity of All Seasons Sports to Minnesota Lakes Bank’s Delano office (they’re next-door neighbors) might be the primary reason why Shawn does his business banking there, but that wasn’t the driving force.

“Nicholas Wilcox, who is a bow hunter, stopped by one day to buy some arrows. He introduced himself and explained that he worked at the bank next door. His genuine interest in our family business prompted me to do business with them, and the fact that the Delano office is right next door is a bonus.”

With the wide range of product lines, Shawn doesn’t see any seasonal drop-off in business activity. “It used to be that this time of year might be our slower season, but with the embroidery and uniform business we have built up over the years, there is plenty going on here all the time.”

“Our front showroom may seem relatively quiet at times, but with all the high school sports teams and custom embroidery work we do, along with the other services we offer to support our product lines, we are busy all the time,” Shawn continued. “I appreciate having a banking relationship to support our business activity.”


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