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Online Banking

Minnesota Lakes Bank proudly offers all account holders online banking, a safe, secure and easy way to bank from anywhere that you can access the Internet.  Anytime, anywhere; Minnesota Lakes Bank online banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

No special software is needed. 

    Getting Started

In order to begin MNLB online banking, complete the Online Banking Enrollment Form. 


Our industry-leading technology will allow you to:

  • View all account balances
  • View all current account transactions
  • Verify transaction amounts
  • View check images
  • Transfer money between MNLB accounts
  • Pay bills online 
  • Make MNLB loan payments
  • View monthly statement
  • View account detail and history
  • Re-order checks
  • Set up alerts via text and or email notifications
  • Initiate stop payment requests
  • Download into QuickBooks, Quicken or other OFX based software

    MNLB Online Banking Login Procedures

If you have not had online banking in the past, go to Find the “Online Banking” box in the top right corner of the homepage, and click on the “Enroll.” You will then be prompted to create your new online banking account.

If you were enrolled in MNLB Online Banking prior to our system upgrade at the end of June 2016, click the “Consumer Access Login” link.  Your username will be the same username you were using prior to the upgrade. Next, you will be prompted to either choose your primary phone number,* which will generate an automated phone call with a onetime security code or you can enter in your mobile phone number, which will generate a text message with a one-time security code.

Immediately following the one-time security code, you will be prompted to change your password.

*If you are trying to choose the primary phone number for the security code and do not see your number listed, please validate that your username has been input correctly. If you enter in the wrong username or misspell your username, as an additional level of security, the numbers listed will be intentionally incorrect making the text message option unavailable. If you have accurately entered in your username and continue to experience issues, please call customer support at the Delano or Mound office’s to resolve your issue.

Registered device detail and information:

  • If you have registered your device you will be directed to enter your password.
  • If you have not registered your device you will be directed to pick a SAC delivery option and once received and entered you will then be directed to enter your password.
  • Enter your password and click "Submit."

    Bill Pay

With MNLB Bill Pay, you can arrange automatic payment of recurring bills so you don’t have to hassle with them each month. This service automates payment of monthly bills while letting you retain control over the amount and date of each individual bill.

  • Schedule recurring payments & future payments
  • Make one-time payments
  • View payment history
  • Set reminders and alerts
  • Send gift checks or donations
  • Receive e-Bills
  • Expedited funds feature

If you are enrolled and do not use during the monthly cycle, there is an $8 per month fee when not used. Click here for the Bill Pay disclosure and details.

    MNLB People Pay

With MNLB People Pay, you can make same day personal payments from your debit card anytime, anywhere via the convenience of you computer, smartphone, or tablet. All you need is the recipient's email address or cell phone number; no exchange of personal banking information is required. Once you send the payment, the recipient receives a text message and/or email confirming receipt of the funds.

  • Make same day personal payments anytime
  • Recipients may request money be sent to their bank account or via PayPal™
  • No need to find an ATM
  • No hassling with checks

There is no charge for users that send payments via the Check option. Normal data and text message rates may apply.  Click here for the MNLB People Pay disclosure and details.

    MNLB Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is available from your Apple and Android products! MNLB Mobile banking offers you the ability to view account balances, review recent transactions, deposit remotely, and transfer funds between your accounts. Our mobile banking solution provides you the ultimate in convenience with the ability to manage your finances anytime, anywhere from your smart phone!

Mobile banking requires that you have a free MNLB Online Banking profile. Once you've created your mobile banking profile, use one of the links below to install the MNLB mobile banking application on your smart phone. 

  • Click here to download MNLB Mobile Banking for your Apple device from the Apple Store 
  • Click here to download MNLB Mobile Banking for your Android device from Google Play. 

NOTE: These links are intended to be accessed via smart phones, so if you open them on a desktop computer, they will not work as desired. 

Frequently Asked Questions

    Mobile Deposits

Now you can use your smartphone to deposit checks from anywhere – on your time.

  • Log in & select deposit
  • Enter deposit amount
  • Take a photo of your check

It’s more convenient that visiting your local branch – plus there are no lines, no deposit slips and no worries. The items below are things to be considered when making mobile deposits.

  • Daily $5,000 deposit limit up to 5 items or
  • Multi-day $15,000 deposit limit up to 15 items
  • The multi-day period covers 10 days
  • Deposits made after 3pm will be processed on the next business day 

For more information about mobile deposits from Minnesota Lakes Bank, call 763-972-3385 to speak with a customer service representative. Click here for the MNLB Mobile Deposit disclosure and details.

    Touch ID Authentication

Using Touch ID is a secure, fast way to access your financial information. If your device has Touch ID, you can log in by using your fingerprint. You must set up Touch ID on your device before logging in.


Not only is online banking with Minnesota Lakes Bank one of the most convenient ways to access your accounts, it is also one of the most secure. We stringently adhere to industry standards and utilize security best practices. We have employed state of the art technology to ensure that your information is always private and secure.

At Minnesota Lakes Bank, your e-banking sessions are 128-bit encrypted. Your password as well as all information relating to you and your accounts is protected by some of the strongest cryptography that is commercially available for use over the Internet.

There are a few things that you can do to help maintain the security of your information.

1) Memorize Your User ID and Password

Your user ID and password are unique and authenticate you when you begin an onine banking session. You should memorize this information and never reveal it to anyone.

2) Remember to Always Sign-off

It is extremely important to always remember to sign-off when you are finished banking. If you should forget to do so, the smart online banking system will sign you off automatically after a period of inactivity.

As an added security feature, Minnesota Lakes Bank has implemented a "3 strikes" security system. If three successive attempts to access your account fail, your online banking account will be immediately locked down, protecting you from unauthorized users. If this should happen, and you need your account unlocked, please contact customer support at (763) 972-3385 or (952) 472-5556 for assistance.


Click here to view the Minnesota Lakes Bank Online Access Agreement and Disclosure Statement.